Thursday, 22 January 2015

Gold Reserves Increased Return Russia

Gold Reserves Increased Return Russia

Russia shows no signal to slow down purchases of gold as the owner of the world's fifth largest gold reserves were increased for 9 consecutive months. Russia's gold reserves rose to about 28.8 million ounces as of 1 January from 38.2 million ounces a month earlier, according to the central bank today on its website. This is the longest consecutive monthly rise since August of 2013, according to data from the International Monetary Fund.

The amount of gold reserves Russia has climbed more than 3 times since 2005 and reached the highest level since at least 1993, though after later was used to defend the ruble. The sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and its Alliance adds to the severe impact of energy prices and bring anjloknya perekonomia Russia to the front gates of the recession. The ruble weakened nearly as much as 50% in the last 12 months.

"The Central Bank seems not to change direction quickly and Russia Meanwhile continue to buy gold," said David Jollie, analyst at Mitsui & Co. Precious Metals, Inc. in London. "But it was a little surprising to see them replacing the reserves of foreign currencies to gold in a situation where oil prices are plummeting." Current Gold purchases reach around 18.7 metric tons, equal to the number of purchases in November and December last year, and compared with the purchase of sebanyal 37.3 tons in September.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Gold Advanced Action Wait For The ECB

The price of gold moves lower than the highest level on Monday, amid the worst downturn in China's stock movement for six years when the market participants in the West began to speculate against the purchase of assets by the European Central Bank.

On Monday, the movement of the gold trade opened in the range of USD 1280.31 per troy ounce. The gold price weakened thin with a move down toward his daily lowest price in the range of USD 1272.05 per troy ounce. The gold price closed at the range of USD 1276.03 per troy ounce. The movement of gold get a loss against the dollar by as much as $ 4.28.

In General, the movement of gold on the 4 hour chart's look is still in a bullish condition. Gold price looks back on the simple moving average indicator of 200 and 50 which is the area of support for the movement of gold. Indicator of the relative strength index (RSI 14) were at level 72 to give an indication of the price could potentially be in the saturated condition of purchase. Likewise, the momentum indicator 14 gives an indication that the price will still be bearish move minor.

Intraday bias, the movement of the price of gold on the 4 hour chart's group looks after a bullish rally. If price penetrates the area is rugged and USD 1293.77 per troy ounce so there is potential for a bullish rally action toward is rugged and USD 1328.29 per troy ounce. Conversely, if the support of USD 1266.63 per troy ounce penetrated then there is potential for the price will move down to the next support in the range of USD 1244.88 per troy ounce.

Technical analysis of EUR/USD for January 20, 2015

Forex January 20, 2015

CBI report on financial sector of business activity increased its highest kelevel United Kingdom for almost 20 years the fourth dikuartal by 2014. The volume of business financial services index rose to + 57 in September and this is the highest since December 1996

Predictable GBPUSD could move down to the lower level 5 at bolinger 1.5050. If the see-through 1.5030 (lowest January 2015), it will be back down to 1.4950 at bolinger under 20 daily time frame.
Gbpusd price highs yesterday at the level lowernya level and 1.5176 1.5108.

Author: Lien Doe Zhang & Paulswen

Sunday, 18 January 2015

When Psychological Factors Become A Scapegoat


Is it reasonable if we as traders have experienced losses well in small quantities or in a fairly large nominal because the risk is part of the business which must be faced and obviously must be managed properly. Now let's do a little evaluation of why or why incurred losses on trading activities we are doing it. I was once a fad did a survey of a small number of friends in the community of traders and found the answer which is quite diverse. I encountered was in large part the answer is precisely the answer lead to subjekti which makes the psychological problems as the main reason.

Okay the psychological thing to be my initial note in conducting the investigation. Then I tried to make the question more detail, more in depth what the psychological and include the answer is not far away from the greedy and fear. I am still curious and asked again for a more objective information that questions that lead to the side of the ability/skill trading portfolio, checking, and other things that can be clearly measured. Things I get from the petty research result turns out my friends were in conditions not fit for real trading because it does not yet have sufficient abilities lack. May we often heard from various sources that in the trading that takes 90% psychological factors and factor skills only gain a small portion. But if you could argue then I would say instead that 90% is affected by skill/ability and psychological factors are the effect of maturity a person after going through the process of learning which is certainly not for a bit. Being a trader is the same as being a professional who belongs in the category of Self Employee in model 4 kuadrannya Robert t. Kyosaki. Being a professional means we are required to be matured on the job done ranging from conducting careful planning, systematic action has a clear size and to then be able to perform the evaluation. A doctor was also included in the category of Self Employee and you may ask it took how many years a medical students must learn, practice practice (koas) and only then be able to open his own practice. Not a moment isn't it?

It might be worthwhile us looking at yourself already reflect the extent to which we understand what we're working on at the moment. Maybe we don't need to rush black mengkambingkan psychological factors as the cause of our loss in trading. Warren Buffet said "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing" that risk comes because you don't know what he does. That's what I meant to say that it took 90% of the skill to be a trader, the pass may be very different from what many in circulation at this time. Anyone can argue and it doesn't matter if you and I differ because of differences of opinion will make our increasingly rich in thought.

The Mission Of Dollar Chases Euro

Might increasingly rampant Dollar currency in recent weeks. In line with the economic growth of the United States (u.s.) exchange rate improves, that ' the Greenback ' join the terkerek ride.

If during this time the exchange rate of the Euro is always higher than the Dollar, open the possibility his condition changed in the near future. The world financial market participants estimate the USD soon ' pursuit of the single European currency ' value to both be on the same level alias parity. The projection is not impossible to materialize given the trend the strengthening Dollar took place in unison with the climate of economic slowdown in the territory of Europe or that is, the performance of both currencies is very basis. Dollar, Euro steady sakti thus hurt.

Financial institution Goldman Sachs believe that Dollar Euro exchange rate equaled soon in less than two years into the future. The European single currency is forecast to slump to $ 1.08 in late 2015, before finally reaching parity with the USD by the end of 2016. After that, the Euro's fate somehow later.

The Mission Of Dollar Chases Euro

If it really happens, the length of time to reach its own fairly quickly because parity in 2008 alone, one Euro was valued at $ 1.60. The second last time currency exchange rate reached a level almost equivalent at the end of 2002, with the closest position in the area of $ 1.18 per Euro.

There are several important factors that will support the ' action ' pursuit of Dollar against the Euro. The first variable is certainly the situation of the European economy in a remarkable complex, where the prices of consumer products shrank sharply and signaled the onset of the great recession. While the current credit is relatively stagnant and businesses reluctant to start a new venture. Such trends culminated in the skyrocketing number of jobless up to a record high.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is indeed planning to inoculate cheap funds into the financial system in order to mengenjot the economy. But Regent policy there is also knowingly if launching massive stimulus will only worsen the Euro exchange rates graph, which is in fact already reached level negative at this time.

ECB monetary easing moment will be a monumental event for market participants (forex) sejagad. Mario Draghi's policies and his colleagues could be remembered as the turning point where the map rate two major world currencies changed direction. It is certainly not the only influence on the balance of the investor's portfolio, but the influence of financial and foreign exchange balance of the countries concerned. Exporter blue continent of origin certainly has increased profit from sales of its products in the region of the Americas, right at the moment of the big U.S. companies such as turnover of General Electric is shrinking due to price its products more expensive abroad. In the tourism sector, tourist origin country Uncle Sam be more money to spend at the royal site of tourism of Italy or France, once pampered by a cheaper ticket cost for a tour to Europe. And that is just a little example of how comparative exchange rates have an effect on the economy's prospects, both at the level of sectoral companies as well as consumers.

Nothing could stem the Dollar's strengthening trend by 2015, especially after the increase of the reference interest rates Federal Reserve Bank later. Market participants now can only wait for the world's largest economy country currency reaching a record terkuatnya while the Euro moving graphics monitor anomalies.